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Radiographic Testing (RT)

Radiographic Testing is a nondestructive examination method that utilizes X-Ray or Gamma radiation to produce photographic imaging for a wide range of applications including weld defect evaluation, measuring thickness, locating corrosion and blockages, and determining contents of concrete.


Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can perform a variety of inspections utilizing a range of sources for your specific applications:


•X-Ray radiation - X-ray tube

•Gamma radiation sources - Iridium (Ir192) and Cobalt (Co60)


Midwest Industrial X-Ray offers both in-house laboratory facilities and mobile laboratories that can be dispached as needed.  Midwest Industrial X-Ray has the tools, resources and personnel to get the job done


Our Mobile Laboratory Darkroom trucks are fully equipped to perform radiographic operations and film processing on-site. In addition, our trucks are equipped for penetrant, magnetic particle and ultrasonic inspections.


Contact us to learn more about our RT capabilities.