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Prize-Awarding for World Cup Guessing Game
Author:Liu Libin    From: 2018-8-1 16:20:44

At the noon of July 26, the Company’s Labor Union held a prize- awarding ceremony for the World Cup Guessing Game in the Employee’s Activity Center.
During Jun.14~Jul.15, the 21st World Cup was held in Russia. And there were 32 teams from different countries presented 64 spectacular matches for the football fans.
In response to the warmth of the World Cup, the Labor Union of our company timely pushed out a prize-awarding guessing game and received more than 1000 guessing answers. Dong Binjie, from team #2 of the R&D Center, won the prize by correctly guessing the “World Cup quarter-finals”, and the team to which he belongs also awarded with group prize.
To celebrate the success of the activity, our Labor Union provides a set of summer foods for our employees, such as mung bean, to relieve the heat in the scorching summer days.


Text: Liu Libin
Picture: Liu Libin