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Changzhou Tramcar and Israel Tel Aviv Red Line projects Passed First Article Inspection
Author:Wei Miao    From: 2018-7-30 16:09:49

The Changzhou Tramcar project and Israel Tel Aviv Red Line project of our company successfully passed the first article inspections of customers in the early July.
The Changzhou Tramcar project includes the air conditioners designed by our company for CRRC QISHUYAN CO., LTD , which is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration type VF heat pump air conditioner and will be applied to the Changzhou Metro in batch. This product not only enriches the VF air conditioner catalog of our company but also increases actual performance in operation of this kind of products.
The Israel Tel Aviv Red Line project is an export project of CRRC CHANGCHUN RAILWAY VEHICLES CO., LTD. Since it had been approved in February of 2017, the project went through several times of suspending and restarting, while the schedule of the project sped up since it had restarted in the December of 2017. In this case, the member of project actively responded without relaxation during the suspending and without swing after the restarting. They were not only playing an important role in passing the first article inspection but also extending the application of the products in an overseas new city.

Photograph: The first article inspection field of Israel Tel Aviv Red Line project

                                                             Text: Wei Miao
                                                            Photograph: Wang Kai