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Grand Commendation Held for Excellent Employees in Labor Skill Competition
Author:Zhai Lin    From: 2018-7-26 16:01:27

On Jul.17, King company held a commendation ceremony for 2018 Skill Competition, and the general manager Li Zongxing was present and watched the first-prize-winning works.

In recent years, our company has paid high attention to improve the labor skills of the employees, focusing on enhancing their operation levels and cultivating artisans of King. In the competition of this year, the work kinds have increased to eight and the attendants also increased from 239 to 571. Especially for those 63 engineering technicians, they attended the drawing competition for the first time and enriched the contents of the labor skill competition.

Mr. Li Zongxing expressed that the labor skill competition played an important role in improving the labor skill. He also extended his congratulations to the awarded staff and encouraged the staff to learn knowledge, improve skill, then become artisans of king by every effort, so as to contribute their strength to the development of King and China Railway.

There are 16 employees awarded the first prize by the eight types of work. They attended the ceremony with their own works, and the company leaders watched and highly confirmed these carefully crafted works.

Text: Zhai Lin
Picture: He Bing
Jul.19, 2018