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NYCT Project Passes Joint Inspection Release
Author:Ji Guang    From: 2018-5-13 14:20:53

On April 23, 2018, the Bombardia Canada and the owner of New York Subway Project (hereinafter referred to as the NYCT) brought a bevy with eight persons made a last joint inspection on release of the NYCT Subway Project in KING. Our company successfully completed the inspection and obtained a high praise from the customers.

The NYCT-179 project has the significance of landmark, which is not only the first project that we make in the North America but also the first time that we cooperate with the Bombardier. The project has successively passed three joint inspections of release respectively in Jan.2015, Mar.2017 and Apr.2018 since the first batch delivery in 2014. In this inspection, our customers confirm our success in upgrading the closing evidence and the tracing to the past open items and don’t issue any new open item, which show great appreciation of our customers to the work quality of our company.



Text: Ji Guang
Picture: Yang Weiyun
Apr.23, 2018