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Water and safety, green environment, circulation and intelligence
Author:Ni Keqin    From: 2018-4-10 10:18:32

Mar.22, 2018 is the 26th World Water Day, and from Mar.22 to 28 is the 31st China’s Water Week. In response to the call of Management Committee of Hi-tech Development Zone, our company organized a propagation activity for the World Water Day and the China’s Water Week themed on “water and safety, green environment, circulation and intelligence”.
On Mar. 23, our company handed out Handbook of Public Water Safety Knowledge at the entrance of factory before starting work. More than 200 handbooks were delivered to our staff.

On Mar. 27, the staff from Administrative Department, Technical Engineering Department, Assembly Department and Overhaul Department who engaged in water management and water use developed a symposium themed Talking about Saving of Water. Not only did they learn the knowledge of water use and water saving but put forth the practical measures and assumptions for water saving from the reality of work.

Saving water has a significant benefit on the contemporary era and the future generations. The Shijiazhuang city is an extremely water-deficient area if measured by Water Resources Standard of Social and Economic Development of UNESCO (united nations educational scientific and cultural organization). Its average water resource hold for each person is about 229 cubic meter which is only 10 percent of the nation average and one to forty of the world standard. Therefore we should practice the norms of using water in safety, green environment, circulation and intelligence by every effort, which is also a concrete performance of King Company in social responsibility.


                         Text: Ni Keqin
                         Picture: He Bing