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Wonderful Street Dancing of King Performed Well in The CRRC Art Joint Performance
Author:Zhuang Yan    From: 2018-3-16 11:12:55

On March 6, 2018, the street dance show selected by the labor union of King company participated in the art joint performance, which is operated by CRRC Shijiazhuang Co.,Ltd.

This art joint performance,which is comprised of twelve programs with each one representing the spirit of each unit, is organized by the labor union of CRRC Shijiazhuang Co.,Ltd.

With the strongly support of the department heads of welding department, overhaul department and technical engineering department, and with the effort of Wangwei and four other partners, our street dance team overcame the difficulties of heavy overtime working as well as the short period of preparation. They used more than a week of their spare time to hard work and rehearse. Finally, they demonstrated our representative team’s elegant spirit by their wonderful and energetic performance.